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Blog—Dr. Andrew M. Blecher

Written by Dr. Andrew M. Blecher

A Sports Medicine Nightmare

As a sports medicine physician I have been fortunate to cover a lot of exciting sporting events and I have seen a lot of interesting cases. I have taken care of a wrestler who had a stroke. I have rushed an NFL player to the hospital with a pneumothorax. I have...

Stem Cell Treatment for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Many treatments in the world of orthopedics involve removing or replacing damaged or injured tissue.  We might “trim out” cartilage tears or perhaps “reconstruct” ACL tears by using other tissue,  or we may even “replace” joints with artificial parts.  However, in the...

The Reclassification of Football Part III

The Reclassification of Football Part III: The Collegiate Game In Part I of this series we described the NFL as bloodsport. It is an unsafe sport and profession with tremendous injury risk. Its players are adults who acknowledge and accept this risk and participate in...

The Reclassification of Football Part II

The Reclassification of Football Part II: The High School and Youth Game of Football In Part I we recognized that professional tackle football is a truly unsafe sport. Even though we enjoy it, in our hearts and minds we know that the NFL is just as brutal as boxing...

The Reclassification of Football Part 1

Collision sports are full-contact sports with a greater than average risk of injury. They include sports such as football, rugby, ice-hockey, mixed-martial arts and boxing. But there is something different about the last two. In the professional sports of MMA and...

SCORE 2nd Annual Concussion Conference

Comprehensive concussion education event for athletic directors, coaches and athletic trainers VAN NUYS, Calif. (May 2013) – The second annual SCORE Concussion Program educational conference for athletic directors, coaches and athletic trainers will be held Thursday,...

Welcome to my blog

It was just over a year ago that with great trepidation I dipped a toe into the world of social media by opening a twitter account. I was delighted to quickly realize that it was a fantastic avenue to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and hear people’s...

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