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Casting is considered a non-surgical treatment option for various sports injuries and medical conditions affecting areas from the hands and shoulders to knees and toes. Casting provides support and protection to the injured bones and soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. Casting also reduces pain, swelling, muscle spasm and even stretches the contracted muscles.

Post-casting care

Follow the instructions below to keep your cast in good condition for the best recovery:


  • Keep the cast dry, as moisture deteriorates the plaster and may induce irritation.
  • Cover the cast before taking a shower.
  • Prevent dust, sand and powder from entering inside the cast.
  • Do not draw out the padding from the cast.
  • Avoid the use of powder or deodorants on itchy skin, below the cast. If required consult your physician regarding itching.
  • Contact your physician if cracks or soft spots develop over the cast.
  • Contact your physician if skin around the cast becomes red and peeled.
  • Do not cut or trim the edges of the cast without consulting your physician.

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