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Dr Blecher has been a competitive tennis player from a young age. In high school he was the team captain and MVP and received All-League honors. He has continued to have an interest in tennis and has been a treating physician for professional tennis players on both the ATP World Tour and WTA US Open Tour. He has covered professional events in Los Angeles including the World Tour Farmer’s Men’s Classic at UCLA and the WTA Women’s Tennis Championships. Currently he is the team physician for College of the Canyons and Notre Dame High School.

Common tennis injuries include hip, foot and ankle, shoulder and elbow injuries such as labral tears, instability, growth plate injuries, rotator cuff tear, groin injuries, plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow. Many of these injuries can be thoroughly and quickly evaluated with musculoskeletal ultrasound and they also respond well to PRP treatment  so that surgery can often be avoided. Sonorex treatment is another popular treatment modality among tennis players and can treat a variety of conditions. Racquet grip size, string tension, stroke mechanics and core strength are critically important factors and must be taken into account for tennis injuries. A tailored interval return to tennis program is also another important aspect of tennis rehabilitation. As Director of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr Blecher has helped develop many of the successful rehabilitation protocols for tennis injuries.

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