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Football is not only one of the most popular sports in America, but it is also one of the most dangerous. As a full contact collision sport it is responsible for a wide array of different sports medicine injuries and therefore most sports medicine physicians have significant experience taking care of football injuries. Dr Blecher has in fact provided football coverage at all levels of play from youth football and high school football to the NCAA and the NFL. Dr Blecher was an associate team physician for the Cleveland Browns and has attended the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and the NFL Physicians Society Meeting. He now continues to take care of retired NFL players and those whose careers have ended due to injury. He has also served as an expert witness for several NFL players suffering from head injuries and other football related injuries. Dr Blecher currently is the team physician for several local high schools and colleges and can be found on the sidelines every Friday and Saturday during football season.

Dr Blecher has also written extensively on many Football injury related topics and has made many media appearances for such media outlets and publications as listed below:

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  • Concussion Policy & the Law: “Expert Witness Weighs In on Concussion Case
  • AMA news : “Doctors key players in NFL concussion litigation”
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  • Concussions Inc:Un-Ringing the Bell: Lessons From ‘Eveland v. San Marcos Unified School District’
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  • Take Part: “Hard Knock Life – Concussions in Sports”
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  • Perrin Conferences Webinars:
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  • Video with Robert Griffith on Concussions in Football

Common football injuries include knee, shoulder and ankle sprains including ACL tears, MCL tears and shoulder separations all of which respond very well to regenerative medicine treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma.

Close to the end of the third game in our season, I was hit in the knee on a short yardage play and tore my MCL. It ended up being a grade 3 tear, and I was told the ligament would take 8-12 weeks to completely heal. I was the only person on the team that played center so it was important that I came back as soon as possible. The doctor suggested a PRP treatment. About a week after the injury I received a PRP treatment, and two weeks later I was back in practice. The doctor was amazed at how quickly my ligament healed. I hardly noticed any looseness or pain in my first game back. We’re in week ten of the season now and my knee doesn’t bother me at all!



Another very common football injury is Concussion and Dr Blecher has extensive experience caring for concussed athletes on the sidelines and in the office. He is also currently involved in several research projects to improve the diagnosis, management and treatment of these head injuries. Dr Blecher is also the Director of the SCORE Concussion Program providing concussion care to many southern California high schools and colleges.




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