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Lab work is often needed to aid in diagnosis, which your physician may order to provide detailed information that is not acquired simply by a physical examination. Lab work helps in diagnosing and monitoring the health condition of the individual.

Lab work involves laboratory testing of biological samples obtained from the patient to generate data, for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease condition and health assessment of the individual. Biological samples include blood, urine, body fluids, tissues, and other specific substances, that indicate the physiological functioning of different organs of our body.

Ingested food or digestion process may influence the results of certain tests. Hence fasting prior to such tests is required for precise results. Fasting duration depends upon the type of test, such as 6 hrs fasting for blood sugar test whereas for triglycerides or lipid level tests, 12 hour fasting is required for accurate results.

Lab work involves the use of advanced computerized laboratory equipment, so as to insure the accuracy and consistency of the test results. In addition lab work is supervised by certain experts having knowledge of both normal physiology and pathological conditions, in an attempt to validate the test results. Lab work can be categorized in different clinical sections such as hematology, chemistry, immunology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, or urinalysis.


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