Important guidance during COVID-19: Click here to learn about the precautions we're taking to protect the health of our visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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    Important guidance during COVID-19

    We are taking the following precautions to safeguard all who visit our facilities:
    • Universal mandatory facemasking for all patients, staff and visitors (facemasks will be provided to patients if they don’t have their own).
    • Infectious disease screening and temperature checks for all patients and visitors.
    • Visitor policy to limit the number of people in the facilities to allow for distancing.
    • Strict physical distancing throughout the facilities.
    • All providers and staff undergo daily infectious disease screening, temperature checks and surveillance.
    • Strict hand hygiene for all staff and providers and hand sanitizer provided for all patients and visitors.
    • Daily anti-microbial thorough cleaning of all facilities.
    • Telemedicine for consults, follow-up visits and physical therapy are all available.
    • Elective procedures are being performed with COVID-19 testing and safety protocols in place.

    “I am a stuntman who works nonstop on all the biggest movies in Hollywood. I tore my ACL and had 3 months until I needed to fly out to stunt double for the Winter Soldier in Captain America Civil War. After the procedure the knee held up amazing! I knew I was back to 100 percent and the stem cell therapy worked awesome! What was amazing to me was the MRI report showed no sign of an injury to my ACL.  It had grown back 100 percent that you would never know it had been injured!!! I just wanted to write this to thank Dr. Blecher for his amazing work, and getting me back to 100 percent healed in 3 months! Thank you Dr. Blecher, words can never describe what you did for me and getting me back to work so fast and so strong and being able to stunt double for the Winter Soldier!”


    “When I came to Dr Blecher last year with an injury on my shoulder, as well as my calf, he not only wanted to figure it all out, but his attention to detail as well as his desire to get me back on the field as fast and safe as possible, did not go unnoticed. I play ball for the National USA fast pitch softball team Maccabi USA, and if he didn’t get me back on the field as fast as he did, I would have never been able to go to Israel and win, Silver :-). Thanks for caring about your patients the way you do. All the best.”


    “In January I was faced with another full thickness tear in my rotator cuff and wondered what my options might be. Would it be another surgery or possibly something different? I was introduced to Dr. Andrew Blecher who thought I might be a candidate for the new Regenexx stem cell procedure. This new procedure has changed my life, given me a new shoulder and all without invasive shoulder surgery. I cannot explain how happy I am that I chose this method for my shoulder and now I feel great, have significantly less pain and 100% range of motion. Thank you Dr. Blecher and Regenexx.”


    “I wanted to express my gratitude for Dr Blecher’s PRP treatment for both my knees. I am a Masters Track and Field competitor in the Long Jump and Triple Jump and won the National Championship in 2010 and 2011. However, I developed patellar tendon problems in both knees. I thought my jumping days may be over. I decided to see Dr Blecher for PRP treatment and it turned out to be the right decision. I wanted to report how I am doing since the completion of treatment. At year’s end I was ranked #1 in the nation in the triple jump and #3 in the long jump. I went back to Boston to compete in the Masters Indoor Nationals. I won the Gold in both the Triple Jump and Long Jump. At this point my knees are holding up great. Again, thank you for all you have done for me.”


    “Close to the end of the third game in our season, I was hit in the knee on a short yardage play and tore my MCL. It ended up being a grade 3 tear, and I was told the ligament would take 8-12 weeks to completely heal. I was the only person on the team that played center so it was important that I came back as soon as possible. The doctor suggested a PRP treatment. About a week after the injury I received a PRP treatment, and two weeks later I was back in practice. I hardly noticed any looseness or pain in my first game back. We’re in week ten of the season now and my knee doesn’t bother me at all!”


    “Regenexx has offered me pain free living for the first time in 20 years. After years of dealing with pain I turned to viscosupplementation and PRP with good results. Once those techniques no longer provided long term relief, Dr. Blecher suggested Regenexx. After 6 weeks I was able to complete an active work day as a physical therapist with no pain whatsoever. I’m very excited to return to mountain biking and soccer in the next few weeks.”


    “I was told about this injection which takes your blood and sends it in a centrifuge and takes the plasma and platelets and separates the rest. Well after I was cleared to do movements I started rehab with my athletic trainer. So I finally got on the mound and started throwing a couple bullpens, felt good!!! After a couple of starts my velocity finally started to come back. My arm was finally getting into shape. Throughout the season I had no problem with it. Each start it felt great! I was throwing each ball with conviction! After the season was over I was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals!”


    “As our team physician, Dr Blecher oversees preparticipation physicals and clearance for our 400+ student-athletes, gives valuable input into our sports medicine policy development and implementation, and is easily accessible for consultation and evaluation of any injuries or illnesses sustained by our student-athletes.  His expertise, particularly in the areas of concussion management and regenerative medicine, enables the student-athletes of our 17 intercollegiate teams to return to sport safely and in a timely manner.  Dr. Blecher not only stays up to date on the latest medical interventions but also has the ability to easily relate to our student-athletes resulting in excellent patient outcomes. We are so thankful for everything he does for us!”


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