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Cash Pricing

For your convenience, following is a list of some of our more commonly provided services. These cash prices are an estimate only, and are subject to change. Payment in full is expected at the time of service.

Code Procedure Description Cash Price
99204 Office Visit, New Patient, Moderate Complexity $321.00
99205 Office Visit, New Patient, High Complexity $419.00
99213 Office Visit, Established Patient, Low Complexity $128.00
99214 Office Visit, Established Patient, Moderate Complexity $198.00
93000 EKG, at least 12 leads, with interpretation and report $38.00
93005 EKG, tracing only, without interpretation and report $28.00
71020 X-Ray Chest, 2 views $57.00
76942 Ultrasonic Guidance for Needle Placement $97.00
76881 Ultrasound, Extremity, Complete $177.00
76882 Ultrasound, Extremity, Limited, Anatomic Specific $99.00
20550 Injection, Single Tendon Sheath or Ligament $99.00
20551 Injection, Single Tendon Origin/Insertion $99.00
20600 Arthrocentesis, Aspiration and/or Injection, Small Joint or Bursa $87.00

Code Procedure Description Cash Price
20605 Arthrocentesis, Aspiration and/or Injection, Intermed Joint or Bursa $90.00
20610 Arthrocentesis, Aspiration and/or Injection, Major Joint or Bursa $105.00
20604 Arthrocentesis, Small Joint or Bursa, With Ultrasound Guidance $125.00
20606 Arthrocentesis, Intermed Joint or Bursa, With Ultrasound Guidance $137.00
20611 Insertion of Needle into Major Joint or Bursa, With Ultrasound Guidance $154.00
J7323 Euflexxa $195.00
J7321 Hyalgan-Sodium hyaluronate per 20 to 25mg Dose $103.00
J7324 Orthovisc 30mg $194.00
J0702 Inj, Betamethasone Acetate and Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate $8.00
96120 Neuropsychological Testing with Interpretation and Report $108.00
94010 Spirometry, incl Graphic Record, Total and Timed Vital Capacity $62.00
0232T-RG Injection, PRP, Including Image Guidance $500.00
20999-SCP Injection, Super Concentrated Platelets, Including Image Guidance $800.00
20999-PL Injection, Platelet Lysate, Including Image Guidance $800.00
20999-SDSC Injection, Same Day Stem Cells, Including Image Guidance $4,500.00
PRPKIT PRP Regenexx Kit $119.00
SDKIT Stem Cell Kit $599.00

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