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Dr Blecher is an accomplished soccer player. He was team captain and won All-League and All-Conference awards in high school and then played on a college team that went on to win the NCAA Div III National Championship. He has served as a team physician for Cleveland State University NCAA soccer and is now the team physician for Master’s College, College of the Canyons, Los Angeles Valley College and Notre Dame High School. In addition, he also currently serves as the AYSO Regional Medical Safety Director for Region 58 in Southern California.

Common soccer injuries include foot and ankle as well as knee, hip and groin injuries. Many of these injuries such as tendon, muscle, ligament, meniscal and labral injuries respond well to PRP treatment. New advances in stem cell therapy now also allow us to treat ACL tears in the knee without having to perform surgery. Proper rehabilitation from ACL tears and other soccer injuries is critically important and as the Medical Director of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr Blecher has been involved in developing many of the successful rehabilitation protocols.

Concussions are another common injury in soccer and can occur acutely as well as possibly due to repetitive heading. Dr Blecher has extensive experience in concussion evaluation and management and also offers baseline concussion testing to athletes of all ages.

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