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Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

This is an overuse injury which originates from excessive strain on the forearm extensor musculature as it attaches to the lateral aspect of the elbow. Typical activities such as forceful, repetitive wrist extension or forearm torquing maneuvers can produce this form of extensor tendinitis.

Appropriate orthopedic care would now consist of a conservative management program. This includes the avoidance of abusive activities which involve forceful and repetitive wrist or finger extension, forearm rotation, and forceful grasping. The prescription of an anti-inflammatory medicine, the use of a counter-force forearm strap, a supervised occupational therapy exercise program including ASTYM, frequent icing to the lateral aspect of the elbow, and possibly even a cortisone injection into the area of maximum point tenderness may be indicated. If the symptoms are severe enough, a cortisone injection may lead to tremendous pain relief in approximately 80% of patients. On occasion a second injection may be necessary if the inflammation in the elbow extensor tendon persists.

If the patient fails to respond to these conservative treatments then further treatments are available such as Sonorex Treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment or surgery.

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